Top WordPress Trends To Look Forward To In 2022

WordPress Trends To Look Forward To – 2021 was a very great year for WordPress. Aside launching a new podcast, WordPress also:

• Introduced an in-house managed hosting solution

• Held WordCamp U.S. after a gap year

• Rolled out two major WordPress vital updates

These releases and events allows us know what to really expect from the world’s leading content management system in 2022.

At Intech Cloud Hosting, here are our top predictions for WordPress in 2022:

1. Full Site Editing

2. Block Themes

3. Gutenberg Improvements

4. Headless WordPress5. Improving SEO With Google Core Web Vitals

6. Accessibility Improvements

7. WordPress for E-Commerce


1. Full Site Editing

As part of its Gutenberg project plan, WordPress has been working on Full Site Editing (FSE). The second phase, known as FSE, began in 2021.

The early FSE features were introduced to WordPress users with the release of WordPress 5.8 in August 2021. WordPress users can use drag-and-drop blocks to update page content and website design at the same time with Full Site Editing.

When WordPress 5.9 is released in January 2022, we can expect new FSE functionality.

2. Block Themes

FSE is made feasible by block themes, which are WordPress themes with templates.
These block themes may be used to change posts and website features like headers, footers, and sidebars using the Gutenberg block editor.

Because FSE is still in its early stages, block themes are mostly experimental. However, the debut of 2022 WordPress’ most flexible default theme, foreshadows developments to expect in 2022.

3. Gutenberg Improvements

Improvements to the Gutenberg plugin are expected to follow advances in FSE and block themes.

Gutenberg is a four-phase project that promises to revolutionize the way WordPress users update and personalize their sites. The Site Editor was improved in Gutenberg 11.9, the most recent version, in preparation for FSE.

Collaboration and multilingual support are the next two phases of the Gutenberg project, so we can expect improvements in both areas in future Gutenberg releases.


4. Headless WordPress

One thing we’re looking at as we enter The Next Decade of the Web is a headless content management system (CMS).

A headless CMS has independent front and back ends for websites, making it ideal for omnichannel marketing applications. While WordPress was not designed to be a headless CMS, it is a popular candidate for headless architecture due to its high market share.

Expect changes in this area in the coming year as more businesses adopt WordPress’s backend functionality.

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5. Improving SEO With Google Core Web Vitals

Google began rolling out the Page Experience upgrade in June 2021, an algorithm change that included three new ranking signals aimed at improving page experience. In September 2021, the modification was completed.

To understand how to optimize your website for speed and ranking, you’ll need tools like Google’s Page Speed Insights.

6. Accessibility Improvements

The December 2020 version of WordPress 5.6 included a number of accessibility enhancements. In the Gutenberg video block, it added the ability to add captions and subtitles to videos using the Web Video Text Tracks standard (WebVTT).

That tendency is likely to continue as WordPress works on the default 2021 theme in WordPress 5.6, which adheres to WordPress’s accessibility-ready criteria.
In addition, in 2021, Colorado became the first state to mandate that state and local government websites comply with accessibility requirements. Other states may soon follow suit, resulting in even more WordPress accessibility improvements.

7. WordPress For E-Commerce

WordPress is increasingly used by huge organizations for e-commerce, despite its origins as a platform for small firms.

E-commerce was a megatrend that helped propel WordPress (and, by extension, WooCommerce) ahead, according to Matt Mullenweg’s keynote talk at State of the Word 2020.

Expect more websites to use WordPress for their e-commerce features as e-commerce becomes more mainstream.

Final Thoughts – WordPress Trend To Look Forward To In 2022

WordPress Trend To Look Forward To – 2021 was really a great year for WordPress.
From Full Site Editing to accessibility and SEO enhancements, the trends and acquisitions provide us a glimpse into what to expect from the world’s leading content management system in the coming year.

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