Empowering Success: Sanyaaffiliate’s Journey with Intech Cloud Hosting


In the world of online business, success stories often stem from inspiration, perseverance, and finding the right hosting partner. Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of Sanya Aduragbemi, the CEO of Upspeedhost.com.ng and a digital marketing strategist. Discover how Intech Cloud Hosting played a pivotal role in Sanya’s web-hosting reselling triumph.

Unleashing Inspiration

Two years ago, Sanya’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to explore the world of online stores. Fueled by his desire to create something as impactful as Amazon’s bookstore, Sanya embarked on a mission to bring his vision to life. However, his initial attempts on Amazon’s platform didn’t yield the desired results. Undeterred, Sanya saw an opportunity to build something exceptional for the Nigerian market.

“My focus was to build something as Huge as Amazon Bookstore… That alone prompted me to start doing my research on online bookstores,”

Sanya Aduragbemi, the CEO of Upspeedhost

The Website Revolution

Sanya’s pursuit of a robust website-building solution led him to WordPress. Through his research, Sanya discovered the power of WordPress as a website-building solution. “So I started to build mine… That’s how the website journey started in 2022,” he shares. Armed with the ambition to create his own online bookstore, Sanya set out to conquer the digital landscape. However, one crucial piece of the puzzle remained: finding the perfect hosting provider to unleash the full potential of his website.

I’m someone who loves challenges and innovations so I asked myself “what if I can make something like this?” That alone prompted me to start doing my research on online bookstores and I disclosed we had only few. So I started to build mine, I disclosed I had to learn Coding, I learnt some halfway, lol. I later discovered there’s something called “WordPress” that’s how the website journey started in 2022.

Sanya Aduragbemi, the CEO of Upspeedhost

The Discovery of Intech Cloud Hosting

Amidst skepticism surrounding Nigerian hosting providers, Sanya maintained a different perspective. He firmly believed that Nigeria had top-notch hosting platforms. It was during his search that Sanya discovered Intech Cloud Hosting. Intrigued by the promising offerings, Sanya took the leap and never looked back.

After designing my WordPress site, I disclosed I needed to host the site somewhere. I saw that everyone was condemning Nigeria’s host, but I viewed it from another standpoint, and I said to myself “We should still have good hosting platforms in Nigeria” that was how I discovered intech cloud hosting on Facebook.

Sanya Aduragbemi, the CEO of Upspeedhost

A Seamless Partnership

Sanya’s experience with Intech Cloud Hosting surpassed all expectations. The exceptional customer support and unrivaled service left an indelible impression. So impressed was he with their offerings that Sanya embarked on a web-hosting reselling journey with Intech Cloud Hosting. Their unwavering support paved the way for Sanya’s reselling business to thrive.

I can say Intechcloud hosting is the best so far with excellent customer support, I fell so much in love with them that I started my Web-hosting reselling journey with them last year

Sanya Aduragbemi, the CEO of Upspeedhost

Unmatched Performance

One of the key differentiators of Intech Cloud Hosting is its commitment to delivering exceptional website performance. Sanya proudly attests to the top-notch speed of his hosted websites, without the need for additional plugins. The smooth indexing and unlimited bandwidth provided by Intech Cloud Hosting ensure that Sanya’s websites remain stable and easily accessible, even during periods of high traffic.

My website speed is top-notch we don’t even need extra plugins to speed up our sites. We don’t face any issues with indexing. Unlimited bandwidth, nothing like crashing websites due to traffic.

Sanya Aduragbemi, the CEO of Upspeedhost

Guidance and Support

Sanya firmly believes that the essence of online business lies in having the right guidance. He credits the success of his web-hosting reselling business to Intech Cloud Hosting‘s unwavering commitment to humility and exceptional customer service. The prompt and efficient support offered by Intech Cloud Hosting has played a pivotal role in enhancing Sanya’s reputation among his clients. Their trust in his services stems from the knowledge that any issues they encounter will be swiftly addressed, without hesitation.

Intechcloud is built on humility and customer service. Even the main reason my clients love my services is because they know that their issues are always sorted in a very short time no questions asked.

Sanya Aduragbemi, the CEO of Upspeedhost

A Bright Future

Sanya’s journey with Upspeedhost and Intech Cloud Hosting is a testament to the power of collaboration and exceptional service. With over 32 hosted websites and a growing clientele, Sanya continues to expand his white-labeled web-hosting reselling business, empowered by the seamless partnership with Intech Cloud Hosting. Together, they pave the way for future growth and success.

I don’t have issues with my clients because Intechcloud was always supportive through the journey, they even made it look easy. Today I have over 32 hosted websites I resell to my client’s all white labelled.

Sanya Aduragbemi, the CEO of Upspeedhost

Parting Words of Wisdom

To aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals venturing into the online business landscape, Sanya offers valuable advice. He emphasizes the importance of finding a hosting provider like Intech Cloud Hosting, which prioritizes humility and exceptional customer service. With the right support and infrastructure in place, Sanya believes that success becomes attainable, propelling entrepreneurs to surpass their goals.

What’s my advice to people out there? When it comes to online business, it’s better to have guidance

Sanya Aduragbemi, the CEO of Upspeedhost


Sanya Aduragbemi’s journey exemplifies the power of passion, resilience, and finding the perfect hosting partner. Intech Cloud Hosting’s unwavering support and exceptional service have fueled the growth and success of Upspeedhost.com.ng. As the leading hosting provider in Nigeria, Intech Cloud Hosting continues to empower businesses like Sanya’s, transforming dreams into reality and shaping success stories in the dynamic online landscape.

Quote of the Day: “I can say Intechcloud hosting is the best so far with excellent customer support… Today I have over 32 hosted websites I resell to my clients, all white-labeled.”

Sanya Aduragbemi, the CEO of Upspeedhost
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