Best WordPress Hosting In Nigeria

WordPress Hosting In Nigeria – Been made available to you is a fully managed WordPress hosting service that will give you the needed support.

Remove the complication from website upkeep. Take the hassle out of website upkeep with our well-managed WordPress hosting platform, which provides industry-leading performance, support, and security.

Intech Cloud Hosting is the number 1 WordPress hosting in Nigeria which has now become a great option for WordPress websites. We have gone ahead to build a hosting that is crafted just for WordPress since your website will likely be powered with WordPress.

Website Hosting: What You Need To Know

Website hosting provides the tools and resources that are needed to manage and house a website. Web hosting services provide domain names, disk space on a web server, IP addresses, emails, SSL, control panel, databases, and more. 

Why do you need these services?

To make a website easily accessible on the internet, its data needs a special space to live in. Technically, it needs to be hosted on a server (you can think of it as a computer connected to the internet). This server needs to be online 24/7, secure, and super-fast.
Of course, we all know every home needs an address.

However, it would be far too complex to remember and search for geographic coordinates in order to find a house, instead, we use street names. This same concept applies to websites.

It would be really difficult to search for every website by its server’s IP address (e.g., so domain names are given to websites instead. Your domain name is your website’s ‘address’ on the internet, that conveniently points to your IP address (server’s location). This server’s location is stored in its nameservers.

So, whenever someone visits your website, their browser already knows which server to request your website’s content from so as to display it to them.

Moreover, your web hosting provider must provide an SSL certificate that safeguards critical and sensitive information between viewers and your site by encrypting it. Without this,  Google as well as other search engines will flag your site as ‘not secure’ and won’t probably rank it well.

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What makes Intech Cloud the best managed WordPress Hosting In Nigeria?

Think of a fully managed WordPress host as a dedicated technical assistant that gives your website the strength it needs. This includes caching to boost page speeds, daily backups, threat detection, and blocking regular WordPress updates, and many more.

Intech Cloud Hosting additionally equips you with premium tools to enable you to build, design, and launch your website with no difficulty and 24/7 live support when the need arises.

WordPress Hosting In Nigeria – What You Will Get From Intech Cloud Hosting

The following are what you will get when you host your WordPress website with us:

• Effortless site management

• Expert service

• Boost Performance

 • Protect your business

• 24/7 live support

• Hassle-free web hosting 

We’re the fastest managed WordPress hosting in Nigeria and we’ve proved it so many times. The technical support we give to our customers is second to none and we are committed to improving our management to ensure we maintain our highly set standard. 

Why does speed matter so much in web hosting? 

A very fast page loading time makes Google and site visitors happy. In fact, conversion fall by 12 percent for every extra second a website takes to load.
With our tools, you can test your WordPress site speed and get custom insights on how best to improve your website speed.

Intech Cloud Hosting is the most secure WordPress hosting in Nigeria, our tooling, infrastructure, and entire business management is built for WordPress. 
Manage your website with the peace of mind that it’s completely backed and secure by SSL, platform-level protection, and managed WordPress and plugin updates. Our security solutions block 5M+ attacks each day.

WordPress Support And Expertise

Our energetic and passionate team of WordPress experts is available around the clock (24/7/365 days) to address complaints and solve problems of any kind related to your website.

Every member of our support team is a WordPress specialist thanks to platform documentation and extensive training.

Build A WordPress eCommerce Store

With our dedicated hosting platform, you can build a better WordPress eCommerce store and experience the good outcome. Boost sales and empower visitors to search with ease using Instant Store Search.

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