Node.js is a popular, event-driven JavaScript runtime you can use to build robust web applications. If you already familiar with creating Node.js apps, you may be wondering how to get your app onto a shared server, a hosting environment in which you are limited in customization. Node.js requires some configuration of your server environment. But now, you can use a virtual environment within your shared hosting environment that allows for the customization necessary to run your app. Learn how to setup a Node.js in cPanel below.

  • Setup Node.js App in cPanel
  • Stopping and Restarting Your App

Setup Node.js App in cPanel

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Choose Setup Node.js App under Software
    Setup node.js app
  3. Click Create Application (002)
    Create node.js application
  4. Fill in the Application root field (this is the directory in which you will upload for application files)
  5. Select your Application URL and startup file (if you do not name a startup file, app.js is used as the default)
  6. Fill in the remaining fields with your preferred values
  7. Click Create when ready



Stopping and Restarting Your App

You can also stop and restart your app whenever you may need. This can be done easily from the cPanel interface.

  1. Log into cPanel (as you did above)
  2. Choose Setup Node.js App under Software
  3. Select your app from the list of exsting applications
  4. Click to stop, restart, or edit your application under the Actions table
    Stop, restart, or edit node.js application

Well done! You now know how to setup a Node.js app in your cPanel.

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