The need to upload a site or content to a website online, make it necessary to use FTP in connecting to the site. You can create an FTP account on the Cpanel or use the default FTP on the site by connecting and uploading directly as instructed below.

You can make your upload from the Cpanel but the system only allows you to upload one file at a time or zip the whole files and upload to the public_html and extract the zipped file after uploading.

But you can use FTP client to make faster and convenient uploading. And you can upload your whole site faster than using the Cpanel system of uploading.

To connect to the site using FTP client will require a hostname, username, password, and port.

Note that the host is the server, be it the server IP or your domain name and the username and password are your Cpanel username and password and also the port, default is 21. You may ask for it if that is not connecting you or leave it blank.


Username: feelinggood
Password: xxxxxxxxxxx
Port: 21

Note that the hostname, username, and password should be your Cpanel credentials!

Copy or drag your designed site or any files you are uploading to the public_html folder, after uploading the files, the site will be loading your new uploaded files.

NOTE: For a windows server, the files should be uploaded to HTTPDOCS folder!

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