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Every great website starts with a great domain name. A perfect domain explains who you are or what your business is about correctly.

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A domain is only as good as the control you have over it. Manage your domain's DNS easily from our DNS Manager. Don't wait any longer. Register that domain right now!

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Purchasing your domain with us is safe and secure with accessibility to registrar lock & transfer request.

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You have total control on your domain DNS and every other records including MX & Hostname records.

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We are 100% available for your dedicated support & technical guideliens. we are always by your side.

Domain Pricing Rates

Bellow you will find all available domain rates, from newly registerations to renewal cost & transfer.

Domain Name Registration Transfer Renewal Purchase
.com NGN4,500 NGN4,500 NGN5,000 Buy Now NGN999 NGN1,000 NGN1,500 Buy Now FREE N/A FREE Buy Now
.net NGN6,000 NGN6,000 NGN6,000 Buy Now
.co NGN11,500 NGN12,000 NGN12,500 Buy Now
.ng NGN9,500 NGN10,500 NGN10,500 Buy Now
.org NGN5,500 NGN5,500 NGN6,000 Buy Now NGN2,000 NGN2,500 NGN2,500 Buy Now
.shop NGN14,500 NGN14,500 NGN15,000 Buy Now
.store NGN20,500 NGN20,500 NGN21,000 Buy Now
.africa NGN6,000 NGN6,000 $NGN6,500 Buy Now
.app NGN7,500 NGN7,500 NGN8,000 Buy Now
.me NGN6,000 NGN6,000 NGN6,000 Buy Now
.biz NGN6,000 NGN6,000 NGN6,000 Buy Now
.info NGN6,000 NGN6,000 NGN6,000 Buy Now

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Frequently asked

Frequent Asked question about domain registration, transfer and renewal.

How to choose the right domain?

Your domain name should easy for people to remember and spell. It will help build your brand online. If your brand name is not well known, intentional misspellings will confuse and make you lose potential clients.

Why can't i use ID protection on .ng domain ?

You cannot use ID protection on .ng domains because it is against the .NG ccTLD Registry policy and they do not allow proxy domain name registration that prevents the Registry from displaying accurate data.

Is purchasing a domain one-time payments ?

No, it is not. You need to continue renewing your domain to continue having access to the domain.

Can i buy more than one Domain ?

Yes, you can. You can purchase as many domains as you like. There is no limit placed on the number of domains you can get with us.

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